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Looking for some hints and tips on entering this year’s Awards? Then you’ve come to the right place!

The Best of Irish Breakfast

The Best of Irish Breakfast Event 30th May, 2018. Showcasing winning campaigns from the An Post Smart Marketing Awards 2018.

More details coming soon!


1. Raise your company profile. Winning a Smart Marketing Award can significantly raise your company profile and gain you respect from your peers.

2. Helps with business planning. It’s a valuable analysis of your campaign performance, which can contribute to strategic business planning.

3. Invaluable media coverage. You have the opportunity to gain extensive media attention, as well as valuable publicity. This will help you to attract new customers, and increase the respect from your existing client base.

4. Network with fellow business leaders. Attending the Awards programme of events, the Awards Gala Night and subsequent events gives you the opportunity to network with other business leaders and professionals.

5. Expert assessment of your work. By entering, you benefit from an independent assessment of your campaigns by some of the smartest minds in business. This can contribute to planning and strategy.

6. Boost staff morale and retention. Achieving recognition in the Smart Marketing Awards can have a positive effect on staff morale, motivation and retention, as it acknowledges their contribution to your business success.

7. Acknowledge staff and customer loyalty. Attending the Awards Gala Night gives you an opportunity to thank staff and customers for their loyalty to your business, as well as impressing potential new customers by offering them your hospitality.

8. Helps attract smart staff. When recruiting new staff, being a Smart Marketing Award winning business can help you attract smart candidates.

9. Impressive Fox Trophy. Impress your existing and potential customers by displaying the impressive Fox Trophy in your workplace.

1. Be careful not to eliminate yourself before you start, so pay particular attention to this message on page 2 of your entry form:
“Ensure that any reference to your agency name or names of individuals agency are not saved in the following sections”. This is to ensure anonymity is maintained and the judging remains impartial.

2. Make sure your entry is in the right category!

3. Make certain that you complete all sections of the entry form and that you don’t exceed the specified word limits in any section.

4. Make sure that your objectives are clearly defined. Tell the judges what you were aiming to achieve with your campaign and clearly set down how well you achieved it.

How to Write a Winning Entry Workshop 8th March 2018

  • • Workshop took place in the GPO on Thursday 8th March
  • • The event was hosted by Leanne Papaioannou

Leanne Papaioannou (Managing Director, Chilli Pepper)
Leanne is an internationally renowned customer loyalty professional and has helped countless forward-thinking companies to achieve new heights by adopting her customer-focused strategies. Her strengths lie in innovative strategic thinking, exceptional leadership skills and an ability to work with senior leaders to deliver commercially successful strategies. Chilli Pepper have won numerous International and Irish awards as a result of the work that we have developed for our clients. Most notably walking away with 15 An Post Smart Marketing awards in one year, including the prestigious Grand Prix (Black Fox). Chilli Pepper also won Best Global CRM Strategy and Best Gamified Loyalty Programme at the International Loyalty Awards.

09.15 – Arrival tea and coffee
09.30 – The application form deconstructed with Leanne Papaioannou, tips, ideas and suggestions
10.45 – Tea and coffee break
11.00 – Let’s write a winner together
12.30 – Close

1. Sell the concept to the judges the way you would sell it to a client. Make it as easy as possible for a judge to see how smart your campaign is. Explain everything in a helpful, personal tone which everyone will find easy to understand. The best way to achieve this is to keep your sentences and your paragraphs short and avoid using jargon.

2. Take your time and carefully tell the judges about your target audience. You have 100 words at your disposal, so use them imaginatively.

3. Pay particular attention to the 300 word ‘executive summary’ on the entry form. This is a hugely influential section right at the start of your entry form, so make it as interesting as you possibly can.

4. Keep your entry lively and fresh from start to finish. Avoiding repetition means you won’t lose the judges’ interest.

5. Results are important – a judge must be able to decide how well your campaign performed against the objectives and the budget. You have 375 words at your disposal. If the information is confidential, use a few of these words to say that.

6. Pay attention to the ‘final considerations’ part of your entry form. You have up to 100 words to state any additional reason why you consider your entry to be outstanding. Use this section to tell the judges something fresh and new.

7. Make sure that your entry form is readily understood by everyone. Before you submit your entry, ask someone who knows nothing about the project or campaign to have a look at it for you. If they understand it, so will the judges.