Gary Delaney

This year Gary Delaney from Dublin City University wowed the judges at the awards, taking home the gold for his wonderful campaign ‘The Social Sheet.’. See our full interview with Gary below………

How did you hear about the An Post Smart Marketing Student of the Year Award, and what made you enter?   I was emailed some general information about the award from my course co-ordinator. I began to research much of The Sunday Business Posts’ current target demographic and devised a foundational framework that allowed them to reach this budding market.

Now that winning this award has put you on the map, what are you looking forward to the most following your win?   I’m looking forward to finishing my degree and to the ample amount of opportunities that arise in the future.

Can you tell us a little about the campaign that led to you winning the award?   The campaign is The Social Sheet. It’s a digital marketing campaign that utilizes recent developments in social media to gauge more reach and engagement. It also assesses their digital media offerings and restructures their pricing formula in relation to their target markets affordability, interests, and their online activity.

What are you planning on doing with your prize money?  I’m planning on upgrading my PCs hard drive to an SSD in order to increase my productivity.

What are you most looking forward to when interning for a publication like the Sunday Business Post I’m looking forward to working in a publication that weaves together business and art in their culture and to work with a forward-thinking Irish media company.

Do you see yourself continuing to progress in the marketing industry in future? Absolutely, I fell in love with the industry! It suits my personality.